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Pulses are one of the world’s healthiest foods (for people and the planet). They’re an excellent source of protein, saturated fat free, and high in fiber. And that’s not all: studies have shown that a
There’s no doubt the pandemic has offered us more time for introspection. Having to wear masks and socially distance from others to avoid infection, along with assessing every cough and sneeze, has ma
Hey there, did you move more in February? The alive team got pretty into it. Here are a couple of heartfelt takeaways from our crew. “The Feb challenge for me has been about making a commitment to my
Hey there, how was your month of plant-based eating? The next stop on our wellness tour is an important one: exercise. That does *not* mean you need to sign up for a virtual marathon, like, yesterday.
If you’re anything like us, you’re a little obsessed with all things Andrea Hannemann (@EarthyAndy on Instagram), from her pics of splashing in the surf with her kids to her videos of nailing squat ch
A holistic approachResearch tells us that about a quarter of Canadians feel quite a bit, or extremely, stressed most days. Things can be even more stressful this time of year! When we feel our stress

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