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Let a Clematis Climb Your Rose- There are few sights as lovely as a trellis or fence smothered in roses, unless it\'s a rose and a clematis growing together intertwined, bringing out the best in each o
Guide to Bark Mulch- Fall gardening rituals are often a welcome change from the busyness of the growing season. We may have leaves to rake and spent plants to cut down, but the pace tends to be a bit
Growing Red Raspberries- Raspberries are so delicate and perishable they\'re scarce at the supermarket and fruit stands and expensive if you find them. Fortunately, they\'re easy to grow at home. Althou
Easy Care: Spider Plants and Exotic Ferns- This is another one of our traditional indoor hanging baskets. It does very well in medium to high light. It’s called a spider plant or airplane plant. It’s

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