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How to Achieve the Antique Look, without Antique PricesIf you\'re a fan of antiques, you likely already know that true antiques can cost a fortune. But the truth is, some modern pieces can be made to l
Taking Care of Garden Tools- Keeping garden tools in good working order not only makes gardening tasks easier, it can help plants thrive, too. Sharp hand pruners, for example, make cleaner cuts that h
Pretty Pokeweed Poisonous From Berries to Tap Root- Common pokeweed (Phytolacca Americana) doesn’t look poisonous, but every part of it is. That can be a problem in fall, particularly for youngsters.
Daffodil and Tulip Bulbs Are Hungry Now- The signal is little green leaf tips that have struggled to sprout and grow up from spring-flowering bulbs, through topsoil or surface mulch, and out into the
10 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your GardenGrowing fresh, healthy vegetables at home isn\'t as hard as it may sound. Novice gardeners just need good dirt, easy plants to grow, lots of sunshine and the ri
Tips for Planting SunflowersThe easiest way to add some brightness to your garden is to plant that hearty, yellow favorite - the sunflower. With ancestry traceable to dry prairie lands, these sturdy p

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