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Since Canada’s cannabis legalization, more and more, people are turning to this natural remedy for relief from pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, and more. Cannabis consumption among women, in particular,
Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and rest are all ways to handle anxiety, depression, and stress. For some people, so is cannabis. With the legalization of medical cannabis in Canada, more people

Sleep On It

It has been described as the best meditation by the Dalai Lama, heaven on earth by poet Edward Lucas, and the bridge between despair and hope by entrepreneur E. Joseph Cossman: sleep is something most
From politics and film to business and science, women are routinely underrepresented. There’s another sphere in which female representation is lacking, and it’s one that threatens women’s well-being a
Becky Lee remembers being in shock when, in 2017, she found out she had breast cancer. Once she began learning about what lay ahead—a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation—she decided to add cannabi
Men and women experience heart attacks in unique ways. The stories of two heart attack survivors demonstrate just how different the experience can be and why paying attention to what our bodies are te

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