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“I love taking care of people!” exclaims Rachelle Girardin. This busy Vancouver-based personal chef, instructor, holistic nutritionist, and entrepreneur recently took some time to chat with alive abou
This holiday season, let’s rethink consumption The holidays are notorious for excess and overconsumption. It’s not just bad news for the planet, though: this excess also creates stress, both emotional
Since the arrival of COVID-19, many cities are reporting cleaner air and less pollution. Are these real, long-term benefits? The truth is a bit more complicated. To ensure that we recover from COVID-1
Natural grooming for menA good grooming routine means one that you can follow easily. For skin care, consider a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer suitable for your skin type. But what about the ingredi
Have you heard of hyaluronic acid? You’re likely familiar with the term, since this star ingredient is included in everything from skin creams to joint supplements. However, you may not know exactly w
I have a secret: once a month I menstruate. Although that’s not really a secret, is it? So why does our culture make us feel that periods need to be hidden? We hide our period products when we walk to

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