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Create Budding Home Updates

Bring the garden inside to add a romantic and softer touch to your home décor. Though real flowers are always a gorgeous addition, they can be costly and, unfortunately, they will expire. Due to their permanent and authentic nature, more decorators are turning to their faux counterparts when glamming up interiors.

Boasting an incredibly realistic look and feel, faux flowers are available in many varieties and colors. So, no matter what type of décor appeals to you – from contemporary to colonial – you can find the perfect petals to match your look and style.

Here are tips for using artificial flowers in your home:

  • When shopping, choose the best you can afford within your budget. You\’ll be happy you spent the money on quality blooms that you\’ll treasure for years to come.
  • In doubt of your decorating skills? Simply tuck one stem of your favorite variety in a glass vase for a classic, chic look.
  • Faux petals are easy to care for and clean with the use of a handheld vacuum, a steamy shower or a soft, dampened cloth.
  • Add one or two accent pieces that feature artificial flowers. From pillow cases to lamp shades, this look is everywhere and will add a cheerful glow to any room.
  • Stay away from colors that don\’t naturally occur. For example, a rose in a bright blue shade will not convey the same amount of charm as a dusty pink.

For more fun projects to liven up your home décor, visit www.joann.com/projects.

Floral Lampshade

Some experience necessary

Approximate Crafting Time: 3-5 hours

Supplies and Tools:

  • Scissors
  • 26\” Hydrangea Sprays
  • Jolee\’s Jewels Bicone/Pearl Combo: White
  • Offray 1/8\” Black Ribbon
  • Offray 7/8\” Oatmeal Ribbon
  • Black Tassel
  • Fabric Lampshade: Cream
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  1. Remove individual blooms from hydrangea sprays.
  2. Sew crystals and pearls to centers of blooms.
  3. Hot glue blooms onto lampshade, slightly overlapping to cover the entire surface of shade.
  4. Add a ribbon bow and tassels, if desired.


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