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Safe Summer Driving

Ensure your tires are ready for the road

During the warmer months, additional travel and hot roadways can put added stress on your vehicle and its tires, in particular.

Normal driving, turning and braking on hot roads can pose safety risks to your vehicle and tires. Whether you are simply commuting or planning a road trip this summer, these tips from the experts at your neighborhood Discount Tire store can help keep you safe on the road this summer.

Get Pressure Right and Check It Often
Low tire pressure can lead to many issues for your tires, like decreased steering and braking control, poor gas mileage, excessive tire wear and the possibility of tire failure. Temperature changes can also impact tire pressure; for every 10 degrees in temperature change, your tire pressure changes 1 PSI (pound per square inch). To stay safe on the road, check your tire pressure at least once a month when the tires are cool. The impacts of bumps and turns from everyday use can lead to normal air loss, so be sure to check regularly and before any road trips. You can find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure on a sticker in your car’s door jamb or in your owner’s manual.

Check Your Tread
Tread depth refers to the amount of tread on a tire, which can impact a vehicle’s handling, traction and safe stopping distance. More tread equals better road grip and shorter stopping distances while cars with lower tire tread can take significantly longer to stop. To easily check your tread depth, stick a penny upside-down in a tread groove. If you can see President Lincoln’s entire head, your tread is worn down and it’s time to replace your tires.

Rotate Tires Often
Tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles or earlier if you notice any uneven wear. Rotating your tires increases tread life and helps ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Double Check Your Trunk
Many newer vehicles have replaced spare tires with tire inflation kits. These kits include tools to keep you on the road, like puncture-coating sealants, air compressors and run-flat tires. Check to see what is included with your vehicle and consider adding a roadside assistance plan in case you experience a flat tire or other issues.

Ask an Expert
Stay educated on your tires and what you need to do to keep them safe. Consider booking an appointment for a free tire safety check at a local store like Discount Tire. You can even stay in your car while service is performed as part of the touchless experience. If it is time to replace your tires, an option like the Treadwell online tire guide can help you find personalized tire recommendations for your specific vehicle, where you live and your driving habits.

For additional tire safety tips, to locate a store near you or schedule a tire inspection appointment, visit DiscountTire.com.


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