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“The effects of colour fly under our awareness radar,” says professor Andrew Elliot, a lead researcher in the field of colour psychology. Whether you know it or not, you (and even some animals!) are a
The healing properties of colour were used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks up to 4,000 years ago. Today, colour therapy techniques promote health and wellness in many complementary therapies and at ho
Women’s circles aren’t “just” about spiritual growth, emotional healing, social connection, intellectual stimulation, professional success, artistic expression, or physical health! They’re about all o
Grief and loss are unavoidable—even for children. Learning healthy ways to respond to pain is essential for a happy life. These actionable tips will help you and your family build a foundation of resi
The holidays are no break for those who care for a loved one with an illness. Here are some ways to make caregivers\' seasons brighter.’Tis the season of family gatherings. Most of us are busy with add


Are your kids stressed? Are you stressed? As parents, we can teach our children how to cope with stress by learning how to deal with it ourselves.What are the best ways to help our children cope with

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