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The Power of Colour to Heal




The Power of Colour to Heal

The healing properties of colour were used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks up to 4,000 years ago. Today, colour therapy techniques promote health and wellness in many complementary therapies and at home.

What’s your favourite colour? Maybe you like blue, because it’s soothing and relaxing, or yellow, because it’s cheerful and bright. Your colour preference doesn’t just appeal to your eyes—it may actually affect your body, mind, and spirit in ways you don’t realize. For example, orange may lift your spirits and blue your creativity.
Every colour in the rainbow, from red to violet, has an energetic wavelength that is thought to affect our well-being. Some practitioners believe this energy has a direct impact on your health and well-being—especially if used deliberately and therapeutically.

5 potential benefits of colour therapy

  1. enhanced cognitive and creative performance
  2. increased healing from physical ailments
  3. relief from emotional conditions
  4. improved physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balance
  5. possibility of wound recovery and healing in animals

Colour doesn’t just affect your thoughts, health, attitudes, and emotions. Research shows that colour can even change how your hot chocolate tastes and how good your memory is.
“Colour can enhance your life in so many ways,” says Jackie Pearce, RMT. “From breath work and visualizations to the foods on your plate, the clothes in your closet, and the glasses on your nose—just a small amount of effort can bring big results in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”


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