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Extreme Yawp Beard, Hair & Body Wash

A little goes a long way with this potent all-in-one cleanser. It’s packed with natural ingredients like eucalyptus, moringa, green tea, citrus fruits, rosemary, lavender, vitamins C and E and retinol. Created by Tame the Beast, which formulates “grown-up” grooming options for men, this wash is made in the USA and cruelty free. (As Tame the Beast puts it, “No beasts were harmed in the making of this product. In fact, they all got dates.”) @tamethebeast; getbeast.com

Good Catch plant-based seafood

Seafood is the final meat frontier for vegans: tough to emulate using plants. Good Catch is changing that with products launching by the end of 2018. The startup uses DHA-rich algae oil to get that “of the sea” taste and a blend of six legumes for that flaky texture. All its products, including the shelf-stable vegan tuna, are non-GMO and gluten free. We can’t wait … and neither can the overfished sea life of the world. @goodcatchfoods; goodcatchfoods.com

Runamok Maple infused maple syrup

What could be better than a drizzle of maple syrup over your holiday brunch? How about made-in-Vermont maple syrup infused with flavors like elderberry, jasmine tea or merquén (a slow-smoked chili pepper blend from Chile)? The ginger root-infused maple syrup is a standout: this year, it won a sofi Award (like the Oscars, but for specialty foods) for best new dessert topping. @runamokmaple; runamokmaple.com

Keep Your Ink Natural Tattoo Lotion

What to get for the person who has everything—including tattoos? This daily tattoo care lotion helps ink look its best and most vibrant thanks to a collagen-boosting formula and anti-inflammatory zinc oxide. Oils—hempseed, grapeseed, argan and more—lock in moisture. And this lotion is fragrance free, which means it suits anyone’s tastes … whether they have an American traditional sleeve or the word “Dream” inked on their index finger. @keepyourink; keepyourink.com

Miyoko’s vegan cheese wheels

Dubbed “Tomorrow’s Creamery,” Miyoko’s has taken plant-based cheese to a new realm of artistry and flavor. The mouthfeel is as smooth as jazz (a genre that founder Miyoko Schinner used to sing professionally—what a dame!). The Aged English Smoked Farmhouse cheese, an alive staff fave, will make your holiday party guests squeal/gasp/close their eyes and shush everyone around them so they can take in the intense taste. Promise. @miyokos_kitchen; miyokos.com

Click & Grow smart gardens

The Smart Garden 9 lets you grow nine lush, edible plants like it ain’t no thing—right on your countertop. Just pop in the pre-seeded plant capsules (which contain nutrient-dense soil inspired by NASA technology), fill up the water reservoir and plug it in. A built-in LED lamp bathes your plant babies in bright light for 16 hours a day so they grow up fast. Soon, you’re garnishing pasta with your fresh basil and salads with sorrel! @clickandgrow; clickandgrow.com

Want to win a Click & Grow Smart Garden 9? Follow @myalivesocial on Instagram and watch for the giveaway.

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