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Probiotic foods FOR better digestion

You’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics, and for good reason. Power- packed probiotic supplements may help with everything from IBS to eczema to, of course, digestion. If you’re already taking probiotic supplements and want to up your gut health game even further, try these foods.

  • Tempeh. Tofu’s trendier cousin is made from fermented soybeans and has been linked with benefits like boosted memory.
  • Miso soup. Not just a beloved sushi appetizer, this soup made from soybean paste is filled with probiotics too!
  • Vegan kimchi. This fermented vegetable dish is full of good bacteria that promote brain, immune and skin health. Go for seafood-free kimchi.
  • Sourdough bread. Yes, it has carbs, but traditional sourdough also has beneficial bacteria and may be easier to digest than other types of bread. We’ll toast to that!
  • Probiotic chocolate. Chocoholics rejoice! Some dark chocolate is vegan and contains probiotics—check the label!

Sober social outings that make a splash

Even though Dry January has come and gone, the sober social movement has continued to grow around the world. Giving up booze doesn’t mean you have to give up fun! You can master being social while staying sober.

For starters, plan a sporty date. Instead of a night out with friends at a bar, find a Groupon or ClassPass to a fun fitness experience for the evening: yoga, boxing, spin class … there are options for all! And wouldn’t you rather get sweaty at the barre than at a crowded bar?

If you want to join friends who are out on the town, keep it healthy and alcohol free. Graham Oliveira, service manager at Park Tavern in San Francisco, suggests “asking the bartender for a low-cal mocktail with ginger beer as the base ingredient—they’ll know how. And it’ll hit your palate like a proper drink but keep the night out guilt (and hangover) free.”

Saying “I do!” to eco- conscious weddings

Wedding season is just around the corner … and each of these events can create 400 to 600 lbs of waste! Modern-minded couples are coming up with ways to reduce their nuptials’ footprint; a vegan menu is a smart way to start. For vegan wedding tips, we turned to newlywed Jessica Hoar, the vegan lifestyle blogger known as The Tree Kisser.

  • “Allot extra money in your budget toward food. This is your one opportunity to decide what tons of people will be eating at once, and you want the feast to be as decadent and memorable as possible!
  • “If your caterer doesn’t have significant experience with plant-based cuisine, consider bringing in a consultant like Spork Foods to help your chef plan the menu.
  • “I recommend telling people in advance if your celebration will be fully vegan. My invitations said, ‘Out of respect for the planet and its inhabitants, no animals will be harmed in the making of the evening’s cuisine.’”


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