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Raise your hand if you spend a little extra time on social media looking for the most gorgeous, comforting plant-based foods as soon as cold weather strikes. Is your (sweater-covered) arm in the air? Then meet Hannah Sunderani, Tanja Notschaele and Ana Rusu: masters of perfectly plated plant foods.* Here’s what they’re eating—and loving—right now. (Hint: cinnamon. Always cinnamon.)
*They’re also the IG stars inspiring us now and always. Check out p. 98 for more.

Hannah Sunderani

@twospoons.caBased in: France

[alive] Which dish are you most grateful for, and why?

[Hannah] Oatmeal is my winter go-to. I love how warm and comforting it is, and you can switch up the ingredients so they’re never boring. My favorite combos are caramelized bananas, chopped almonds and almond butter, or frozen raspberries, coconut flakes and peanut butter.

[alive] What’s your must-have holiday food?

[Hannah] I love to eat healthy, but around the holidays I’ll splurge … just a little. One of my favorite holiday food must-haves is cinnamon buns! They are sweet, cinnamon-y and so cozy. Plus, they make your house smell like Christmas.

[alive] Which ingredient inspires you in the winter?

[Hannah] It’s impossible to pick just one! Spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom will turn any dish into a winter delicacy. I also love roasted winter veg like pumpkin, eggplant or squash for hearty dishes.

Tanja Notschaele

@scorpionmindBased in: Germany

[alive] Which dish are you most grateful for, and why?

[Tanja] There are so many foods I am grateful for. For example, fruits, since they are sweet and give you all the energy you need. But if I had to choose one dish, I would go for anything with pasta. It’s so versatile. You can add any sauce, a ton of veggies and legumes—and of course transform it into pasta bakes and lasagna.

[alive] What’s your must-have holiday food?

[Tanja] The holidays always remind me to calm down and take a break, spend time with my family and be grateful for everything that has happened to me throughout the year. I love to celebrate with some cakes and healthy sweet dishes. Since I turned vegan, I have been responsible for our holiday foods, so I love to treat my family to some raw cakes.

[alive] Which ingredient inspires you in the winter?

[Tanja] This is a little cliché, but cinnamon is really my favorite spice and ingredient during the winter. It is comforting and feels really warm and cozy when added to a porridge, for example. Topped with some nut butter and frozen berries, this makes a perfect winter breakfast.

Ana Rusu

@herbs_and_rootsBased in: Romania

[alive] Which dish are you most grateful for, and why?

[Ana] My grandmother’s food. I often try to recreate her flavors because it puts me into a state of peacefulness. I love a hot, smoky potato dish with green peas and red onion.

[alive] What’s your must-have holiday food?

[Ana] Babka or Cozonac (as we call it here), definitely. It’s a sweet bread with lots of cinnamon, chocolate or walnuts. There is no holiday without it!

[alive] Which ingredient inspires you in the winter?

[Ana] Hmm … there are lots of ingredients that I love to use in my cooking during the cold season, but some of my staples are sauerkraut and walnuts.

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