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October is International Walk to School Month




October is International Walk to School Month

Walking to school promotes communities that are healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and connected.

Walking to school can be an important part of an active lifestyle, but many kids are driven to class even when it’s close enough for them to walk. Let’s change that with International Walk to School Month this October!

Keeping kids active has countless health benefits, including improved behaviour, increased self-esteem, and better cognitive functioning. Furthermore, going carless is a decision that also benefits for our planet.

Therefore, the six goals of International Walk to School Month are:

  • Promote health through physical activity
  • Raise awareness of the walkability of your community (and what changes may need to be made)
  • Raise concern for the environment
  • Take back the neighbourhood for those on foot
  • Reduce traffic congestion near schools
  • Spend time with parents, community leaders, and peers

Last year more than 40 countries got involved in Walk to School Month—everywhere from Argentina to Uganda. Public officials, school principals, teachers, police, and parent groups can all become involved in the planning and implementing of a safe walking plan, and since walkable communities impact everyone, the benefits are far-reaching.

After the month ends, there’s no reason to let your good habits end as well. Walking to school (or work) can be a healthy and fun lifestyle choice.

What are you waiting for? Get walking!


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